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Multi-Resolution Rendering

Fast Surface Rendering


Data captured on light sheet microscopes can often be hundreds of gigabytes and even up to multiple-terabytes for a 3D time-lapse. The size of these datasets can exceed even the most powerful GPUs and computers - making visualization of the whole volume very difficult.

Aivia's rendering pipeline allows you to interactively review multi-GB/TB volumes on standard computing hardware. We have developed an innovative multi-resolution, multi-block architecture with efficient memory management which work in synchrony to enable you to explore your data in real-time. Visualize and play with your data without interruptions as Aivia swaps in progressively higher resolution volume into your field of view.

  • Load, display and interact with multi-TB 3D/4D data in seconds
  • Innovative multi-resolution, multi-block volume rendering 
  • Six high-performance 3D rendering options
  • Create stunning visuals (images and movies) from your images

Beyond volume rendering, Aivia allows its users to explore many hundreds of thousands of objects of interest in real time. We have accomplished this by: a) drastically optimizing the data flow from the hard disk to the GPU, b) maximizing the reuse of points needed to generate a surface and c) intelligent data caching. Together, these items allow Aivia users to render and interact with hundreds of thousands of objects per time point. With Aivia you will save up 98% of the time previously needed to render 3D surface objects!


"What if I don't have a multi GB file?" You will still benefit. For you Aivia will do nearly every operation in an instant.

  • ​Real time interaction with hundreds of thousands of objects per time point
  • Navigate instantaneously to any time point - intelligent caching
  • Optimized data flow (disk to GPU) and object generation
  • Real time multi-object selection and update of display properties
Option 1: Standard surface rendering
Aivia fast surface rendering
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