Rules and details

  1. Any person that is over the age of 18 with an interest in 3D fluorescence microscopy

  2. Use of DRVISION products is not required

  3. Submitted entries must be fluorescently labeled 3D images. Images could have been created with any fluorescence microscopy technique including but not limited to: widefield, structured illumination, confocal, spinning disk, and light sheet microscopy

  4. There is no purchase requirement for entering this promotion activity

  5. All submitted images may be showcased in DRVISION's website, email, and social media channels.

  6. By entering the promotion, entrants agree to assign the intellectual property rights (including copyright) of the 3D image submissions (as well as the results of the image processing done by DRVISION to prepare the images for VR exploration) to DRVISION and permit DRVISION to use the images in any media, including sharing on social media, for any purpose whatsoever. Naturally, credit will be given to the author or authors of the image when it is used.

  7. The first 30 laboratories or researchers to submit their 3D data set will be entered into the promotion. This means DRVISION will:

    1. process the sample images in Aivia so they are ready for exploration using a virtual reality head set

    2. give the entrants access to the processed image - ready for VR

    3. mail the virtual reality headset to the address given by the entrant  

  8. By submitting the data set the authors agree to the rules of the promotion described on this page

  9. Data set submissions should include a brief image description including microscopy modality used.

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