ASCB | EMBO 2019
Washington DC | December 8 - 10

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P35/B36 Universal EM Connectomic an alyses by Deep Learning Powered App‐matching Image Conversion

P38/B39 Correlative Transformation and Visualization Tool for Correlative Light‐electron Microscopy (CLEM) analysis

P54/B55  Fast and Predictive 3d Neuron Reconstruction for Light Microscopy Images

P56/B57 Deep Learning Minimizes the Impact of Fundamental Microscopy Limitations

P57/B58 GPU‐accelerated Machine Learning‐powered 3d Image Segmentation at Scale

Explore our 3D tool suite

Pyramidal rendering engine for visualizing large 3D/4D datasets

Transform low SNR to high SNR images using deep learning so you can image longer and/or faster

Use machine learning to enhance your objects of interest based on features instead of intensity

Automatically detect and track your 3D objects

Region of interest processing to save you time on large datasets

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