Curie Institute, Paris

Wednesday 4th of December

  • Seminar, 10:00-11:00 AM


  • 1-on-1 Live demo sessions
    2:00-6:00 PM (register below)

Presenter: Patrice Mascalchi, PhD

What is Aivia?

Aivia delivers high performance image processing and visualization to microscopists and researchers looking to extract more information from their images. The AI-enabled tools in Aivia simplifies key steps in imaging analysis and provides users with solutions tailored to their data.


The presentation will show you how Aivia leverages Machine Learning technology to dramatically reduce the time needed to complete image analysis tasks. The Tech Talk will feature Aivia 8.5 and Aivia Cloud, the pioneering, universally accessible AI platform for scientific imaging applications. This unique cloud-desktop hybrid platform for training and deployment of Deep Learning models is the result of long-term joint R&D project involving 25 industry and academic experts in AI, life sciences, microscopy and image analysis.
Following demos will be shown:
•    Visualization of 3D images and easy creation of videos.
•    2D segmentation of transmission / fluorescence / RGB images,
•    3D cell tracking of heterogeneous fluorescent signal

In the afternoon (2 pm-6 pm), you will have the opportunity to attend 1-on-1 sessions to explore the applications of Aivia with your own scientific questions. You are invited to bring your images for this live demo. Book a time slot now:

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