Explore 3D microscopy data sets using your own VR headset! Send us a sample data set, we will prepare it for VR using Aivia and send you a free* VR headset to explore it. Check out some sample VR-ready 3D images, prepared in Aivia. You can explore them more in full screen or VR (if you have a VR headset).


*Free Cardboard VR headset: we are providing this free and fun experience to the first 30 labs / researchers that send in their 3D fluorescent microscopy data sets.






Upload your microscopy image data set

  • The data set:

    • Must be a 3D image stack​ (series of 2D images)

    • Must contain fluorescently labelled objects and or regions (e.g. cells)

    • Should include calibrations; if calibration is not saved in the file (or you are not sure) please include the information in the message box below.

  • For data up to 1 GB use the Add a File button below.

  • For data sets between 1.1 GB and 10 GB in size, please upload the data via our Dropbox link here.

  • For data sets larger than 10 GB, please fill out the contact form below and we will provide you another way to upload your data.

Relax, the image visualization and analysis experts at DRVision will prepare your data for VR. This takes less than one day but at busy times it may take longer (we will keep you informed)

Receive your very own VR headset from DRVISION via mail


Immerse yourself in your 3D microscopy data using the DRVISION gift VR headset. Remember to share the experience with friends and colleagues (#AiviaVR)

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